Do you need to up your PR19 game?

PR19 is the talk of the water industry at the moment, as OFWAT push water companies to provide their customers with the best service and prices. Entries were submitted by each water company to be scrutinised by the industry regulator Ofwat.... each water company striving to receive fast track status, a financial benefit and a boost to their reputation.

The entries that didn't make the cut, were placed into a slow track category and are required to resubmit their plans. These will require extensive improvements in many areas, such as utilising digital platforms and technologies, to improve customer service and experience.

And if you had not already heard, our software has been busy demonstrating success in the drive towards improved customer experience, with multiple companies reporting significant improvements since using our software. Improving customer engagement has been very satisfying, after all, we all like a happy customer. However, after developing a nifty piece of software that allows members of the public to report a leak from their phone, it would appear that our proudest moment is winning the war against leaks.

So if you want to up your game, give us shout!